Child Support In Colorado: The In’s and Out’s

Child Support in Colorado is governed by Colorado Revised Statute §14-10-115. Support is determined by a combination of several factors, including the gross income of the parents, health insurance costs; and the number of overnights that a parent spends with the child/children. There is an online worksheet that can help you calculate child support.

Family Support Registry

Child support can be paid through the Family Support Registry (FSR). This is a government sponsored entity that simply collects and distributes child support. This is a good route to take for people in high conflict resolution or for a parent with sporadic payment history.

Upon request the FSR will produce a payment history showing the payments made, and this document is automatically admissible in Court under Colorado law. This can be beneficial for couples who are fighting about when or if a payment was made.

  • Payments should never be made through the children.  Payment of support is not contingent upon whether or not a parent is exercising his or her parenting time.
  • It is unacceptable for a party to deduct, on their own volition from a child support payment. This issue often arises when the paying spouse thinks they are owed money, and they simply deduct from their monthly support payment.  This is a no-no and can subject one to being held in contempt of court.


Child support can be modified by Court order. Modifications are necessary when one parent’s income changes, when daycare stops, or when one parent’s overnights with the child changes. But beware, just you verbally agreeing with your ex to change child support may not be enforceable by the Courts down the road.

Make sure to always document your agreements in writing; and better yet, send your agreement to the Court to get the Court’s approval and then you know it is correct (and enforceable).

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